If you are interested in Nominating a candidate to become a Life Time Member of the Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre please click the link below.


Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre Life Time Member Nomination Form

Our Life Time members are:


  marceline hickman 002

Marceline Hickman

Joseph COTE SR 001

 Joseph Cote Sr.

melvin church

 Melvin Church

lloyd spence 001

 Lloyd Spence

elizabeth howdle

Elizabeth Howdle

“It proves that we have Indian-Metis people who can think and are not afraid to speak their thoughts; that they can and will explain their thoughts and ideas and gather support to do things that are honorable, educational, uplifting, necessary and worthwhile for themselves, their families and their community. It proves that the Indian’s way of thinking and initiative can match that of any man, regardless of race.”

Excerpt from the 1964/65 First President’s message: Elizabeth Howdle

abel 001

Able Spence

doreen genaille 001

Doreen L. Genaille

mary ducharme 001

Mary Ducharme

mary brass 001

Mary Brass

Louise Church

rita spence 001

 Rita Spence


Murry Wenstob

mary richard 001

 Mary Richard


David N. Gray

paul frank 001

Paul Frank

grandma mary

Mary Church


Sarah Sutherland


-Edna Genaille

-Alice Fagnan

-Ronnie Spence

-Joan Church

-Dorothy Church

-Gaile Brass

-Muriel Parker