MMF Objectives:

  1. To promote and instill pride in the history and culture of the Metis people.
  2. To educate members with respect to their legal, political, social and other rights.
  3. To promote the participation and representation of the Metis people in key political and economic bodies and organizations.
  4. To promote the political, legal, social and economic interests and rights of its members.
  5. To provide responsible and accountable governance on behalf of the Manitoba Metis community using the constitutional authorities delegated by its members

Our staff will help you to:

· Develop/Update Resumes
· Learn Interview skills
· Develop Cover letters for jobs
· Job search
· Identify your strengths and interested
· Assess your employable skills
· Provide you with information needed for a job placement preparation
· Prepare a professional looking resume and cover letter
· Locate business contacts in your field of interest
· Make a smooth transition back into the working field


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“The ability to decide for ourselves. To have power and authority over our future”
– David Chartrand, Manitoba Metis Federation President


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