Elbert Chartrand Friendship Centre Bingo

Sunday, Monday, & Wednesday

Doors open at 6:00 PM

Bingo Games

Early Birds Start at 7:00 PM

Regular Games Start at 7:30 PM

 House Rules

1.) The house has the right to refuse entrance to anyone

2.) No admission to children under 14 unless accompanied by an Adult

3.) Booklets must be marked by dabber only. Bingo products cannot be CUTSHAREDALTERED or the booklet or sheet will be VOIDED.

4.) It’s the bingo players responsibility to shout BINGO loud enough and raise your card to stop play

5.) CHECK your booklets. You are responsible for your bingo paper and cards.

6.) The management is not responsible for missing, lost, misplayed, or damaged booklets & extra sheets after purchase

7.) All players must have a 3, 6, 9 or 15 to view card in order to play extra games

8.) Players must report any discrepancy in winnings before the end of the event

9.) Prizes over $500.00 may be paid by cheque

10.) If the caller calls out even a portion of the number, that call must be completed and the ball is considered in play

11.) Bingo workers and management are not allowed to play while working an event

12.) If more then one winner yells BINGO the prize will be divided equally

13.) No refunds, returns or exchanges will be allowed

14.) Bingo Flash Board is provided as a courtesy only. A winning bingo is determined by the actual Bingo Balls drawn

15.) Once a game is closed, no previous bingo will be honoured

16.) We reserve the right to cancel bingo at any time for unforeseen circumstances

17.) Decision of MANAGEMENT is final

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