Our Objective:


Partners for Careers is a unique job placement program providing a free service to individuals who are seeking assistance with writing a resume, cover letter, contacts to job leads or potential training opportunities. Our Counselors are available to assist you to make the best of your education or specialized training. Apply your knowledge and experience today!

How Does It Work?

Our staff will work with you to:
· Develop/Update Resumes
· Learn Interview skills
· Develop Cover letters for jobs
· Job search
· Identify your strengths and interested
· Assess your employable skills
· Provide you with information needed for a job placement preparation
· Prepare a professional looking resume and cover letter
· Locate business contacts in your field of interest
· Make a smooth transition back into the working field

 Partnering with Partners for Careers

Partners for Careers is a innovative service that lets you tap into a pool of highly motivated persons who are eager to join the work force. We maintain profiles of high school, collage, and university graduates, detailing their education, specialized training and the skills they have to offer.

Let us save you the cost of recruiting. We’ll screen candidates for you and help you match your needs to their skills!


Emma-Leigh Rusk
Phone: (204) 734-9301
Fax: (204) 734-3090

Resume Templates


Chronological Resume Template

Combination Resume Template

Skills Based Resume Template